Pet Aquamation

Find a Gentle Alternative to Traditional Pet Cremation

Choose our pet aquamation services in Lansing, MI and servicing East Lansing & Holt, MI

Are you wanting to do something special to commemorate your pet after they pass? At Nature's Way Pet Aquamation, we have a solution for you. We offer pet aquamation services for grieving pet owners in Lansing, MI. Aquamation is a water-based method that gently breaks down remains. You'll receive more remains than you would if you fire cremated your pet and the process is eco-friendly.

You can ask us to place your pet's remains in an oak tree of life urn, or we can scatter the remains for you. Call 517-657-8654 now to request our pet aquamation service.

Get a special memento to remember your pet

Before we begin the aquamation process, we'll ask if you want any memorial items. We can create ink nose prints, ink paw prints or clay paw prints. Or you can ask us to put your pet's remains in a unique container.

You can bring in any pet for our aquamation and pet memorial services, including:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Pocket pets
  • Small farm animals

You can also take advantage of our scattering services. We partner with a local wildlife rehab facility to help put your pet's remains to rest. Contact us to discuss the memorial services you want for your precious pet.

Nature's Way Pet Aquamation is proud to be the first to provide aquamation, to our community. We serve all pets trusted to our care with compassion, dignity and respect. By selecting Nature's Way Pet Aquamation for your pet's aftercare, you're choosing the most gentle aftercare for your pet and making the most environmentally responsible choice for our community.

Aquamation Services

Individual Pet Aquamation

Individual pet aquamation is the water-based alternative to conventional flame cremation. Once your pet is in Nature's Way Pet Aquamation's care, we will gently place their body into an alkali bath consisting of the salts from the soil that would help their body breakdown if they were buried instead of cremated.

$149 - for pets under 20 pounds. $199 for pets 21-80 lbs. $249 for pets 81 - 150 lbs. and $299 - for pets over 150 lbs. Local vet office pick up is free. In home pick up is available and pricing is dependent on distance and size of pet. No extra charge for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Scatter Service

Scatter service is individual aquamation where we return your pets remains into nature.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with a local protected wildlife reserve so that we can return your beloved pet back into nature beside some of the last rare-oak Savannah trees remaining.

Memorial items are still available with the scatter service.

$99 - for pets under 20 pounds. $149 for pets 21-80 lbs. $199 for pets 81 - 150 lbs. and $249 - for pets over 150 lbs.

Pet Pickup

We're available 24 hours by appointment

Local Pickup


Local Vet Pickup


Memorial Items

Clay Paw Print


Ink Paw Print


Ink Nose Print


Wood Burning

Starting at $15

Name $15 | Paw Print $40 | Both for $50

Blown Glass

Price Varies

Pet remains infused blown glass

Fur Clippings


Name and Paw Print




Blown glass paw print holder with clay paw print


Light Base


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